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The Growing Need for Power Apps

Power Apps has become the go-to solution for custom business apps with benchmarked workflow capabilities and business logic. Providing responsive design, quick and full support for mobile devices and browsers, Power Apps aids the digital transformation process of organizations in a big way.

Business Benefits of Using Power Apps

At Ivotiontech, our dedicated team of Power Apps developers create fast, complex business-related apps to eliminate lags, time to market and compatibility issues.

The main features of Power Apps include:
  • Responsive UI that integrates with Office 365, Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Flow.
  • Seamless data transfer for SharePoint, Dynamics 365, SQL Server, MS Excel or different Office 365 apps via Power App’s suite of services, apps, data platforms and connectors.
  • Extensible platform for programmers to apply business logic, use meta data and data, connect with external data and develop custom connectors.
The primary advantages of using Power Apps for business purposes are:
  • Reliable, full-scale compatible data with the use of Common Data Service for Apps (CDS).
  • Secure application environment backed by Microsoft’s cybersecurity protocols.
  • Optimum speed of implementation with Rest API, Open API, OData API platforms.
  • High-performance metrics in combination with Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Why Choose Ivotiontech for PowerApps?

We provide an easy and fast application environment for the development of custom business applications. Our cost-effective package of programs increases the ease and speed of developing PowerApps solutions. Ask for our no code/low code app-building environment to enhance user experiences and take your business goals to the next levels, today.